Shiksha Samunnathi

No child willing and wanting to learn should be deprived of education. Through this initiative, Walkaroo Foundation focuses on making quality education and employment enhancing trainings available to underprivileged children, women, elderly, and the differently abled sections of society. Funding the infrastructural developments of various schools and colleges, financing the education and basic needs of meritorious students and children from migrant families, supporting like-minded NGOs and groups, imparting vocational skills to the unemployed and life skills to differently abled etc. are some of the initiatives we plan to undertake to widen the opportunities and improve the living conditions of those from the disadvantaged sections of society.

Our Projects & Initiatives

MARCH, 2024

In a collaborative effort between the Walkaroo Foundation and NMCT (Native Medicare Charitable Trust), a one-day workshop was conducted on 2 March, 2024, focusing on “Emotional Well Being and Handling Stress” tailored specifically for government schoolteachers. The workshop aimed to equip educators with essential tools to manage stress effectively, thereby enhancing their overall well-being and, by extension, improving the quality of education imparted to students.

Resource Person, Dr. P.N Narayana Raja, Former Principal of Madurai Institute of Social Sciences, spearheaded the workshop sessions. With his expertise, Dr. Narayana Raja facilitated various activities aimed at fostering self-awareness among the participants and delving into the root causes of stress prevalent in their profession. Approximately 30 teachers from five different government schools actively participated in the one-day workshop. Through interactive sessions and discussions, they were introduced to a diverse range of techniques for relaxation and stress management.

The event culminated in a valedictory ceremony graced by esteemed guests, including A.S. Sankaranarayanan, Chief Functionary of NMCT, and Mr. Manoj Bastion, Director of Walkaroo International Pvt. Ltd. Certificates of participation were awarded to all attendees, acknowledging their commitment to personal and professional growth.

The ceremony also witnessed the felicitation of two exceptional 8th standard students, Ms. Anushka from PUMS, Samathuvapuram, and Mr. Harshan from PUMS, Okkilipalayam. Both students had demonstrated outstanding performance by clearing the NMMS scholarship examination. Mr. Manoj Bastian, the Director of Walkaroo International Pvt. Ltd., in the presence of their parents, teachers and invited guests, presented them with a cash prize, recognizing their remarkable achievements.

The workshop served as a pivotal platform for government schoolteachers to enhance their emotional well-being and stress management skills. By nurturing a supportive environment and providing valuable insights, the event empowered educators to navigate the challenges of their profession effectively.


On 26th February 2024, the Walkaroo Foundation took another step toward creating a supportive learning environment by not only constructing and handing over a toilet block but also renovating a dilapidated compound wall at the Government Girls Higher Secondary School in Singanallur, Coimbatore. This ensures access to necessities like proper sanitation, which is essential for creating a conducive learning environment. Through this initiative, Walkaroo Foundation aims to promote better health, hygiene, and overall well-being among the students.


On 21st February 2024, the STEM lab set up at PUMS Okkilipalayam as part of the Munnetram 360° Project, was officially inaugurated. This collaborative effort between Walkaroo Foundation and Native Medicare Charitable Trust has made this initiative possible. The lab provides an interactive learning space for students to explore, experiment, and innovate in science and technology. Ms. Sumitra Binu, CSR head of Walkaroo Group, inaugurated the lab, marking a significant milestone in our mission to enhance educational opportunities and foster technological advancement in our community. This is yet another initiative of Walkaroo Foundation to unlock the full potential of our community and pave the way for a brighter future for generations to come.


On 24th January, 2024, Walkaroo Foundation and Magizhvi Foundation collaboratively organized an event in celebration of the 75th Republic Day. The event, held at the Police Club for Boys and Girls at GHSS, Vellalore, featured Dr. Krishnan Swaminathan, a respected endocrinologist and founder of Idhayangal Trust, as the chief guest. His insightful discourse on mental health resonated with students, leaving a lasting impact.

Diverse activities, including English and Tamil recitations  and a poster-making competition on Gender Equality, engaged students in thought-provoking conversations on the theme of Republic Day. The occasion featured a poignant skit emphasizing unity and collaboration, delivering a powerful message alongside its entertainment value. Additionally, lively dance performances by the students added a vibrant touch to the celebration. Levi Ministries from Coimbatore contributed to the interactive ambiance with a spirited puppet show, conveying important messages about respect, obedience, seizing opportunities, and cultivating positive friendships. Prizes, distributed by Dr. Krishnan Swaminathan and the Walkaroo Team, recognized and applauded the talents of competition winners, contributing to the overall success of the 75th Republic Day celebration at GHSS Vellalore.

Our heartfelt thanks to all contributors and participants for making this event a holistic and enriching experience.


Walkaroo Foundation played a pivotal role in orchestrating a collaborative painting event during Covai Vizha 2024, engaging government schools in Chettipalayam, Vellalore, Okkilipalyam, and Samathuvapuram. This initiative not only encouraged active student participation but also provided a platform for them to exhibit their flowering social spirit through the vibrant medium of art. The event served as a unique avenue for cultural exchange, allowing diverse perspectives and ideas to flourish as the students expressed themselves through their artwork based on the theme “If I was a Super hero”. The students communicated the response to the theme through five elements viz. Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Space and Wind by making use of the colours red,green,blue, purple and yellow respectively. Overall, this initiative contributed to the holistic development of the participating students and fostered a positive impact within the community.


On the 4th of December 2023, Walkaroo Foundation and Native Medicare Care Trust jointly organized the inaugural session of the Kitchen Garden at PUMS Samathuvapuram. Distinguished guests from Walkaroo International Pvt. Ltd., and the school authorities, actively participated and inaugurated the Kitchen Garden. Their presence underscored the collaborative effort between the Walkaroo Foundation and the school in fostering a holistic educational environment.

A warm welcome to the invited guests was extended by Jayapandi, the Agricultural Minister of the Children’s Parliament. During the event, students of the Children’s Parliament actively engaged in the gardening process. They enthusiastically sowed the seeds and planted the saplings of various crops, including Brinjal, Chilly, Lady’s finger, Curry Leaves, and Lemon. This hands-on experience not only connected them with the fundamentals of agriculture but also instilled a sense of pride and ownership in nurturing the Kitchen Garden. Overall, the inaugural session of the Kitchen Garden, supported by Walkaroo Foundation and embraced by the Children’s Parliament, marked a significant step towards promoting hands-on learning and sustainable practices within the school community.


Walkaroo Foundation and Young Indians, Coimbatore Chapter, teamed up to bring a hands-on approach to education in Government schools. Around 580 students from GHSS Chettipalayam and GHSS Vellalore, studying in 7th, 8th, and 9th grades, participated in this exciting initiative. During the program, the students received training in various skills. A session on Cyber Security highlighted the importance of online safety and responsible digital behavior, helping students navigate the digital world securely. Professionals from the NGO ALERT conducted First Aid & CPR training, providing the students with valuable emergency response skills to assist in medical situations. This practical knowledge can be crucial and might even save lives in their communities.

The Design Thinking module encouraged creativity and problem-solving, fostering an innovative mindset among the students. The goal was to enhance their critical thinking abilities and cultivate a proactive approach to addressing challenges. Additionally, Financial Literacy sessions gave students a sense of economic responsibility, a basic understanding of personal money management, and the ability to make wise financial decisions in their day-to-day activities. This joint initiative by Walkaroo Foundation and Young Indians, Coimbatore Chapter, aimed to empower students with a holistic set of life skills, preparing them for a well-rounded and successful future.


Walkaroo Foundation and NMCT assisted in conducting elections for the Children’s Parliament at Panchayat Union Middle School, Samathuvapuram, on October 30. A total of 168 students, including 88 girls and 80 boys, cast their votes. The election results were announced on October 31, and on November 27, the elected Children’s Parliament, comprising 19 members, took an oath to fulfil their responsibilities.

During the oath-taking ceremony, Speaker Jayashri committed to conducting parliament sessions every Friday. Prime Minister Meyyarasu pledged to guide the ministers and work for the welfare of students. Education Minister Deepak promised to assist students in completing their homework and support slow learners. Agriculture Minister Jayapandi Rathna vowed to maintain the school’s kitchen garden and provide cultivated vegetables for school meals. Health Minister Anisha took an oath to teach students hygiene practices for toilets and ensure the cleanliness of the school. The finance minister promised to instill a savings habit among students, while Sports Minister Priyadharshini committed to assisting students in maintaining discipline and managing the school’s First Aid Kit. These dedicated students are set to make positive contributions to various aspects of the school, ensuring a better and more organized environment for everyone.


Walkaroo Foundation, through its Munnetram 3600 initiative, supports the transformation of the Primary Health Center and School Building in Mahalingapuram, 13th Ward, Vellalore Municipality, Coimbatore. This impactful project, sanctioned under Government ordinance No. 17 and executed as part of the Namukku Namme Thittam by the Government of Tamilnadu, holds a total estimated budget of ₹28 Lakhs and 20% of this funding is provided by private entity. Recently, a substantial cheque of ₹5,60,000 was handed over to Mr. Kranti Kumar Pati IAS, the esteemed Coimbatore District Collector, by Mr. V. Noushad, the Managing Director of Walkaroo International Pvt Ltd. This collaboration aims to enhance the living conditions of the slum housing units and fostering positive change in the community.


Walkaroo Foundation conducted an engaging IT workshop for teachers and students at Panchayat Union Middle School in Okkilipalayam on 22 November 2023. The workshop centered around essential computer operations, exploring WhatsApp Web features, and understanding printer connections and settings. The hands-on approach and interactive Q&A sessions allowed both teachers and students to actively participate and address queries on topics like creating folders, saving and accessing files, software installation, and troubleshooting common issues.

Mr. Manikkavasagam from the IT Department at Walkaroo International Pvt. Ltd. served as the knowledgeable resource person, ensuring participants had a practical learning experience throughout the training session. The workshop received positive feedback, with many participants discovering the extended capabilities of WhatsApp Web and gaining confidence in printer connections.


Walkaroo Foundation facilitated visit for 15 students from GHSS Vellalore, and 32 students from GHSS Chettipalayam to the national level inter-school competition “Thalir Innovation Fest 2023″ on 25th November. The fest jointly organized by Young Indians (Yi) Coimbatore and Kumaraguru College of Liberal Arts and Science provided a unique experience to these students to experience first-hand the marvel of AI, robotics, aviation, and medical science.  The Ahimsa Vanam exposed the students to aspects of biodiversity, ways to reduce global warming and about the native & medicinal plants. They also got to witness aeromodelling, motorsport stunts & views from the planetarium at the event. The interaction with contestants of the fest, practitioners & professionals gave them a clearer insight into new and evolving areas.  Overall, they all returned home with a keen appreciation of innovation and design thinking and its overall impact. The Munnetram 3600 project of Walkaroo Foundation strives to instil in the students of Govt Schools skills and aptitude that equip them to confidently push their boundaries and become multifaceted achievers.


As part of the Munnetram 3600 project, a collaborative initiative between Walkaroo Foundation and NMCT, we are actively fostering leadership, critical thinking, and decision-making skills among students at PUMS Samathuvapuram and PUMS Okkilipalayam. One key component is the establishment of the Children’s Parliament, comprising roles such as Speaker, Prime Minister, and various ministers and members. Elections for this parliament were successfully conducted on October 30, 2023, in PUMS Samathuvapuram, and on December 20, 2023, in PUMS Okkilipalayam, engaging students from grades 6 to 8 in the entire electoral process. Through these experiences, students not only participate actively in the democratic process but also learn the values of responsibility, accountability, and justice. The Children’s Parliament equips them with practical skills and instils an early understanding of the importance of democracy.


On November 17, 2023, the spirited Children’s Day festivities at the Police Club for Boys and Girls, a collaborative effort by Walkaroo Foundation, Coimbatore City Police, and Magizhvi Foundation, marked a joyous occasion. Chief Guest Mr. Karikal Pari Shankar IPS, ACP Podhanur Branch, delivered an inspiring address, imparting valuable insights about the essence of Children’s Day and urging students to seize the opportunities offered by the Police Club. The event boasted a diverse audience, including Inspector of Podhanur Branch Shri Velmurugan, Headmaster Shri Balan, Founder of Magizhvi Foundation Shri Aadarsh Ram, parents, and instructors. Prior to the celebration, exciting competitions like Silambam, yoga, Thirukkural recital, singing, carroms, chess, and English speech took place, with winners receiving prizes on the day. Spirited games orchestrated by Walkaroo volunteers, enchanting student performances and sweet treats, were the icing on the cake, creating lasting memories for all attendees. The Police Club for Boys and Girls at GHSS, Vellalore is a dynamic after-school program by Walkaroo Foundation under Munnetram 3600,  in collaboration with the Coimbatore City Police, designed to engage students constructively and cultivate additional skills and capabilities in them.


On the 12th of October, as part of the Munnetram 3600 project, a batch of 53 students from GHSS Vellalore and GHSS Chettipalayam actively participated in the insightful “A Day out with City Police” program, organized by the Coimbatore City Police. It was a very well organized and meticulously planned program where many senior police officers interacted with the students. The day began with a visit to the traffic park, where the students were acquainted with traffic rules and regulations, followed by an engaging session at the Armed Reserve police office, where they received hands-on experience with firearms. The students also had the opportunity to explore the Race Course police station, interact with inspectors, and witness the inner workings of a cell. The visit to the police station was intended to dispel any fear students might have had about approaching the police, making the officers seem more approachable and friendly. The event further included a visit to the Police Museum on State Bank Road, where they were fascinated by a display of service weapons, seized arms, and advanced investigation equipment. A visit to the dog kennel at the Commissioner of Police’s office provided a unique perspective on the role of police dogs in law enforcement. The day culminated in an exclusive interaction with the Commissioner of Police, Mr. V. Balakrishnan IPS, who shared valuable insights and encouraged the students to strive for excellence in their future endeavours. This memorable experience not only enhanced their knowledge of law enforcement but also inspired them to pursue their aspirations with diligence and determination.


On the evening of 6th October 2023, from 6:00 to 9:30 PM, Walkaroo Foundation and NMCT jointly organized a Community Sensitization Program in Samathuvapuram and Okkilipalayam as part of the Munnetram 3600 initiative. The program aimed to create awareness among the residents, especially the parents and neighbours of students from PUMS, Samathuvapuram, and PUMS, Okkilipalayam, on critical issues such as the implications of substance abuse, the significance of education, child safety, well-being, health and hygiene, and the importance of educating girl children. Additionally, the event emphasized the importance of educating children about distinguishing between good and bad touch. This insightful session featured an engaging cultural performance by the esteemed Bharathi Cultural group from Trichy, effectively communicating these vital topics. The event witnessed active participation and support from the local communities, emphasizing the collective commitment towards fostering a safe and prosperous environment for the children.


The Munnetram 3600 project, led by the Walkaroo Foundation in collaboration with NMCT, encompasses a series of transformative programs aimed at fostering the holistic development of students at PUMS, Samathuvapuram, and PUMS, Okkilipalayam. Within this project, the construction of a handwashing facility and the renovation of a non-functional boys’ toilet were completed at PUMS, Samathuvapuram. This initiative has significantly improved sanitation practices and enhanced hygienic conditions for the students. Notably, the vibrant paintings adorning the handwashing facility depict the essential steps of hand hygiene, while the painted walls of the toilet emphasize the importance of good hygiene practices. The ceremonial inauguration on the 6th of October 2023 saw the esteemed presence of members from the local community, the Walkaroo family, NMCT representatives, SMC members, and enthusiastic participation from teachers and students. 


On September 16th, 2023, the Magizhvi Foundation’s team of skilled phonetic trainers, including Ms. Anusha, Ms. Anumahima, Ms. Gayathri, and Ms. Gomathi, graced the members of the Police Club for Boys and Girls at GHSS, Vellalore with a special Phonetics session. This engaging session introduced the young learners to the sounds of the alphabet from ‘a’ to ‘z’ and the world of sight words. Students were encouraged to create sentences using these sight words, allowing them to actively participate in the learning process. Through constructive feedback, they were guided to identify and rectify mistakes in their sentence formation, ultimately empowering them to craft correct and meaningful sentences. To reinforce their phonetic skills, the children were provided with worksheets for letter-sound recognition. A fun and interactive “Word Passing” activity further enhanced their understanding of correct word pronunciation. This educational initiative not only enriched the linguistic abilities of the students but also fostered a love for learning and language development. Throughout the session, Special Educator, Vismaya, from the Magizhvi Foundation was actively engaged in monitoring the students’ participation levels and observing their behavioural characteristics. Her presence and expertise helped us gain valuable insights into the unique needs and abilities of the club’s members


On September 4th, 2023, the Walkaroo Foundation organized an enriching training session for the bright young minds at the Police Club for Boys and Girls. The session, led by our dedicated employee, Mr. Abraham Selvam, delved into the fascinating world of chess. Students were introduced to the intricacies of the game, from understanding the different types of chess boards to learning the roles and names of each chess piece.

During the interactive 1.5 hour session, the students had the opportunity to arrange the chess pieces on the board and explore various scenarios that arise in chess game play. The highlight of the day was the thrilling chess match held in the last 20 minutes, where students experienced firsthand the consequences of their moves and discovered the importance of strategic thinking. It was a memorable event that not only promoted intellectual development but also instilled valuable life lessons in these budding minds

AUGUST, 2023

As part of our Munnetram 3600 project, Walkaroo Foundation organized enriching activity sessions for students at the Police Club for Boys and Girls, an initiative we proudly support. These sessions, led by the skilled external resource person, Ms. Sharmili, took place on August 25th and 26th, 2023. The resource person engaged the students in creative crafts, teaching them to craft colourful worms from tissue paper, as well as intricate spider webs using chart paper. These activities not only sparked creativity but also developed fine motor skills.

A highlight was the hands-on exploration of science through a captivating Lava Lamp experiment. Using common household items like baking soda, vegetable oil, vinegar, and food colouring, students witnessed a mesmerizing chemical reaction. The science behind the lava lamp was explained, thereby nurturing curiosity among the young minds. Inquisitiveness of the students was further stimulated as they worked with the resource person to construct their robotic hands using chart paper, paper straws, and thread. These interactive sessions left a lasting impact on the students, who found them both engaging and educational.

AUGUST, 2023

At Walkaroo Foundation, we are dedicated to empowering students through engaging and educational sessions. Recently, we organized captivating activities for 185 students from Government Higher Secondary School, Chettipalayam, as part of our Munnetram 3600 project. These sessions, held on August 25th, were led by the talented external resource person, Ms. Sharmili. Students from the 6th to the 9th standard participated enthusiastically in creative crafts activities, including crafting colourful worms and intricate spider webs. They also delved into the world of science through a captivating Lava Lamp experiment, gaining not only hands-on experience but also a deeper understanding of the underlying science. Additionally, the students embraced their curiosity by building their own robotic hands, a testament to our commitment to holistic learning experiences.

JULY, 2023

Welcome to Munnetram 3600, the flagship project of Walkaroo Foundation, committed to fostering the holistic development of government school students. In the last academic year, we successfully implemented the project in five government schools, where students received essential training in Life Skills. This year, we are thrilled to introduce an extended version of Munnetram 3600 in two schools. Alongside Life Skills training, this comprehensive initiative includes promoting awareness on Health and Hygiene, conducting counselling sessions, providing sanitation facilities, establishing a state-of-the-art STEM lab, offering NMMS training, forming a children’s parliament, and strengthening the alumni association and SMC (School Management Committee).

In our dedication to creating a nurturing environment, we will also educate students on menstrual hygiene while providing classroom management sessions for teachers. At Walkaroo Foundation, we believe in implementing evidence-based strategies and programs to achieve these objectives effectively. Collaborating with the Native Medicare Charitable Trust, a reputable NGO based in Coimbatore, we aim to drive positive change and uplift the educational landscape. Munnetram 3600  will strive to garner increased support from parents and the local community, encouraging their active involvement in the growth and progress of these students. On 27th July 2023, we commemorated the launch of the project with a special ceremony at PUMS, Samathuvapuram. The event witnessed the presence of the Headmistress, Ward Councillor, dedicated teachers, enthusiastic students, representatives from NMCT, and esteemed guests of Walkaroo.

JULY, 2023

We take great pride in presenting Munnetram 3600, a flagship project of Walkaroo Foundation, dedicated to the holistic development of government school students. In the previous academic year, we successfully implemented the program in five government schools, empowering students with essential Life Skills training. Building upon this success, we are thrilled to announce the launch of an extended version of Munnetram 3600 in the current academic year. This comprehensive initiative goes beyond Life Skills training and includes promoting awareness on health and hygiene, conducting counselling sessions, providing incinerator, establishing a cutting-edge STEM lab, offering NMMS training, forming a children’s parliament to encourage their participation in decision-making, and strengthening the alumni association and SMC (School Management Committee).

To ensure the successful execution of this ambitious project, we are grateful to partner with Native Medicare Charitable Trust, an esteemed NGO based in Coimbatore, renowned for their commitment to social welfare. On 26th July 2023, the grand launching ceremony of Munnetram 360, along with the auspicious bhoomi pooja for a new noon meal shed, took place at PUMS, Okkilipalayam. The event witnessed the distinguished presence of the Headmistress, dedicated teachers, enthusiastic students, Ward Councillor,representatives from NMCT, and honoured guests of Walkaroo.

JUNE, 2023

We are proud to announce that Walkaroo Foundation, as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, has undertaken the renovation of the school building and construction of the compound wall for the Mandal Parishad Primary School in Pulivendra, Nellore. On 15th June 2023, the inauguration of the newly renovated building took place, attended by esteemed local community leaders, prominent villagers, representatives from Walkaroo, and the dedicated students and teachers of the school. This initiative is a testament to our commitment to providing a conducive learning environment and empowering the future generations with better educational infrastructure.

MAY, 2023

We are thrilled to share the exciting highlights of the 5-day summer camp organized by Walkaroo Foundation in the first week of May 2023. The camp catered to students from GHSS Vellalore and GHSS Chettipalayam, offering a diverse range of engaging sessions. Participants had the opportunity to delve into activities such as Karate, Yoga, Pot Painting, Art and Craft work, and gain insights into the Benefits of Sports, Nature and Plants.

The camp was expertly organized by our dedicated volunteers from Walkaroo, ensuring a seamless experience for all attendees. The students enthusiastically participated in various activities, including a captivating Spell Bee competition, as well as popular sessions on Silambattam, Origami, and Doodle Art. Interactive sessions on Pursuing Excellence, Benefits of Sports, Nature and Plants, and Basics of Computers allowed for active engagement and learning.

As a special treat, the participants were taken on an enriching tour of the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Museum, providing them with a deeper understanding of our nation’s history. The camp culminated with a memorable valedictory ceremony, attended by all the students, Walkaroo Directors, invited guests, and resource persons.

We are pleased to share that the summer camp received overwhelming appreciation from the 45 participants. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributed to the success of this event and reaffirm our commitment to empowering young minds through such enriching initiatives.

APRIL, 2023

We are delighted to share that on April 27, 2023, the Police Club for Boys & Girls was inaugurated at GHSS, Vellalore, Coimbatore, by the esteemed Commissioner of Police, Shri V. Balakrishnan. The event witnessed the presence of key figures such as ACP, Coimbatore South, Mr. Satheesh, Managing Director of Walkaroo Group, Mr. V. Noushad, School Headmistress, Ms. Jayasheeli, PTA President, Mr. Sukumaran, along with parents, students, and distinguished guests. This collaborative endeavour between Coimbatore City Police and Walkaroo Foundation aims to engage students in extracurricular activities after school, fostering the development of social skills and nurturing responsible citizens of tomorrow. The artistry displayed on the club’s walls by volunteers from Walkaroo viz., Vivek, Shaji, and Nitheesh is truly a standout feature.’

JANUARY, 2023 - MARCH, 2023

Munnetram 360° by Walkaroo Foundation provides activity-based training to develop Government school students holistically. Training programs on Drug Abuse, Mental Health, Time Management, Teamwork, Communication Skills, and Managing Emotions have been conducted at GHSS, Vellalore. The first session educated students on the potential causes and consequences of Drug Abuse on mental health. The City Police Commissioner, Coimbatore, spoke about the need to curb drug usage. Resource persons from the District Tobacco Control Board delivered an insightful session on drug abuse. The second session taught students to collaborate and build effective relationships through interactive games and activities. The third session trained students on effective communication skills to convey and receive information, ideas, and emotions clearly and concisely. The fourth session focused on developing self-awareness and self-regulation with respect to emotions.


Munnetram 360° project held training programs at GHSS, Malumichampatti on Life Skills. Sessions covered Drug Abuse and Mental Health awareness, Time Management, effective Teamwork, Communication Skills, and Managing Emotions. The session on Drug Abuse and Mental Health was facilitated by Dr. Saranyadevi from District Tobacco Control Cell. Sessions on  Time Management, effective Teamwork, Communication Skills, and Managing Emotions were facilitated by resource persons from the Native Medicare Charitable Trust. Sessions focused on developing communication competence, understanding emotions, and working effectively with others towards a common goal.


Munnetram 360°, an initiative of Walkaroo Foundation, aims to holistically develop government school students by providing activity-based training sessions on Life Skills. As a part of Munnetram 360°, an awareness session on “Drug Abuse and Mental Health” was provided to students at the Government High School in J J Nagar. Mr. Senthil Kumar, a professional psychologist at the Kasturba Gandhi De-Addiction Center talked about the physiological and psychological damages that the drugs can cause to people. During the interactive session, the participants were encouraged to express their views on the serious consequences of drug usage and the measures to be adopted to curb the usage of drugs.


As part of Munnetram 360° project, Walkaroo Foundation held an awareness session on “Drug Abuse and Mental Health” at GHSS Madukkarai. Mr. Senthil Kumar, a professional psychologist at the Kasthurba Gandhi de-Addiction Center, led the session. He explained to the students how drugs might adversely affect both their physical and emotional health. He further expounded on how drug addiction starts with experimental use of a recreational drug in social situations and how it results in inescapable intense cravings for high doses of these drugs, leading to serious ailments like mouth cancer, lung diseases, stroke etc.Through a highly interactive session, he encouraged the students to come out with their thoughts on the impacts of drug usage and various methods to stop drug abuse. The students enthusiastically responded to the questions posed. They also emphasized the importance of having easy access to rehabilitation facilities, in order to assist people in returning to the right path and in rebuilding their capabilities for daily living. Students from grades 8 through 12 as well as the faculty members from the school attended the session.

OCTOBER, 2022 - NOVEMBER, 2022

A series of Life Skills training sessions were conducted for the students at GHSS, Chettipalayam as part of Munnetram 360° initiative of Walkaroo Foundation. As part of this holistic development program, awareness sessions were provided on topics such as Drug Abuse and Mental Health, Tobacco Usage and Impact on Health, Health and Hygiene, Time Management, Managing Emotions, and Communication Skills, to the student community of GHSS, Chettipalayam. Subject-matter experts who could inspire the students in different ways led each of the sessions.

Ms. Swarnalatha, managing trustee and founder of Swarga Foundation, Mr. Chinna Kananan, Sub Inspector of Chettipalayam Police Station, Ms. Poornima, Coimbatore Cancer Foundation, Ms. Saraswathi, Coimbatore Cancer Foundation, Dr. Viveka Priyadarshini, Immunohematology and Transfusion Medicine, K.G. Hospital, Mr. Desikan N, Head of Supply Chain Management at Walkaroo Group were among the resource persons who facilitated the training sessions. Through the various Life Skills sessions, the students were educated on the ill-effects of drug abuse, harmful repercussions of tobacco use, the importance of maintaining proper hygiene, the value of time and the importance of managing time efficiently, the techniques for recognizing and managing emotions for effective personal and social competence and the importance of sound, words, and body language in effective communication.


Walkaroo along with GHSS, Chettipalayam celebrated the Children’s Day. The program commenced with a prayer hymn sung by the students at the school. Mr. Jawahar Karthikeyan, Head – Corporate HR, Walkaroo Group, delivered the Keynote Address on the topic “Is there a formula for Success?” A play by name “Nervazhi” that depicted “Drug Abuse and Its Implications” enacted by the students and employees of Walkaroo, was a major attraction of the entire program.

AUGUST, 2022

Walkaroo Foundation contributed infrastructure resources such as note books, tables,racks and dictionaries to Government Senior Primary School, Dobbaspet, Karnataka


Walkaroo Foundation in Collaboration with ALERT, an NGO based in Chennai trained 25+ drivers on how they could rescue or provide immediate first aid treatment to any passenger commuter injured in a road accident. The participants of the training program were provided with first aid kit, emergency response sticker and participation certificate .

Walkaroo Foundation contributed 50 Tablets as digital learning aid to students of ALPS, Olavanna, Kozhikode; AUPS, Mundakkara AUP School, Kozhikode; Desaseva AUP School, Kozhikode; GLPS, Olavanna, Kozhikode; GMUP, Kodinhi, Kozhikode; GHSS, Beypore, Kozhikode; GVHSS, Meenchanda, Kozhikode; GVHSS, Cheruvannur, Kozhikode; Sreekrishna School, Nellipally, Palakkad


With an aim to provide a comfortable learning environment, Walkaroo Foundation contributed infrastructure resources which includes bench & desk sets, Steel Racks and Cup Boards to Government Higher Secondary School, Malumichampatti, Coimbatore

JULY, 2021

Walkaroo Foundation contributed 5 Smart Phones as digital learning aid to students at Ramakrishna Mission Higher Secondary School, Kozhikode

JANUARY, 2021 - JANUARY, 2026

Walkaroo Foundation provides financial assistance to an MBBS student of Kodagu Institute of Medical Sciences (under RGUHS), Madikeri, Karnataka