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Walkaroo Foundation is a not-for-profit company set up by Walkaroo Group to manage its CSR initiatives aimed at giving back to society. The vision is to work towards creating and promoting a more equitable society as we believe that the future belongs to all of us.


Walkaroo Foundation is committed to the progress and well being of the communities in which Walkaroo Group operates. This has paved the way for the formation of  Walkaroo Foundation which identifies opportunities and strives towards a more equitable society. The mission of Walkaroo Foundation is to select relevant projects in areas that are traditionally overlooked by society at large and to positively and sustainably impact 50000 beneficiaries by 2025.


Walkaroo Group of companies used to traditionally work with local communities in various CSR initiatives.  However, over a period of time, it was desired to have a project based approach for all social initiatives and that led to the idea of Walkaroo Foundation.  Moreover, the geographical reach as well as ability to take on bigger impact projects started increasing over time.  Walkaroo Foundation was hence set up in year 2020 to drive all the major CSR projects of Walkaroo Group of companies.