Kayika Vinodam

Engaging students in Sports will not only help in building their character and personality but also contributes positively to their physical and mental health. Through the Kayika Vinodham scheme, Walkaroo Foundation creates and nurtures professional sports persons by  supporting aspiring athletes from less privileged sections of society. The scheme also provides Financial aid and infrastructure resources to academies in rural areas providing training on Olympic sports.


Walkaroo Foundation, which has one of its missions to promote excellence through sports, recently hosted a dynamic event as part of its ‘Sports for Excellence Project.’ On February 3, 2024, the Foundation, in collaboration with the United Dream Sports Academy, organized an Inter-School U-14 Boys & Girls Football Tournament, in the Football Ground set up and maintained by the Foundation, within the GHSS, Chettipalayam premises. Six teams from Government Higher Secondary School, Chettipalayam, Government High School, Vadasithur, and Government High School, Pichanur, engaged in spirited matches from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM. Approximately 100 talented players showcased their skills in a series of friendly matches, creating an electric atmosphere of sportsmanship and camaraderie The Headmistress, of GHSS Chettipalayam, Ms. Krishnaveni presented certificates and medals to all participants, acknowledging their dedication and passion for the sport.. The event garnered attention from Walkaroo Foundation guests, students from GHSS Vellalore, proud parents, and local community members who observed the proceedings. This collaborative initiative underscores a dedication to sports development and community engagement at grassroots level and also provides a platform for young talents to thrive while nurturing a spirit of unity and passion for sports in the next generation.


On 2nd February, the Walkaroo Foundation graciously distributed football boots, stockings, and shin guards to the 39 players of Walkaroo Football Academy, facilitated by the Walkaroo Foundation at Government Higher Secondary School, Chettipalayam. This gesture serves as a tremendous motivator for the players, encouraging them to excel in their training and performances on the field. With the support and resources provided, the players are empowered to elevate their skills and passion for the sport, further enriching their journey in football.


On November 23rd, the Walkaroo Foundation celebrated a significant milestone at the Government Higher Secondary School in Chettipalayam by warmly distributing football jerseys to dedicated students, both boys and girls, actively participating in the Walkaroo Football Academy. The unique and joyful distribution ceremony held during the school assembly, created a memorable experience for the football players. The Walkaroo Football Academy, an integral part of Munnetram 360project, commenced its training sessions in August 2023. The gesture of providing jerseys serves as a token of appreciation for their unwavering commitment to the training sessions offered by Walkaroo Football Academy.

AUGUST, 2023

We are proud to share Walkaroo Foundation’s inspiring initiative at GHSS Chettipalayam! We are thrilled to announce the establishment of a state-of-the-art football ground, in collaboration with the renowned United Dream Sports Academy, Coimbatore. Catering to the vibrant student community of approximately 680 at GHSS Chettipalayam, our football training academy aims to cultivate holistic development. Through this after-school endeavor, we provide a platform for over 40 young talents, both boys and girls, to receive expert coaching from experienced trainers. We are honored to have had the distinguished presence of Mr. Kranthi Kumar Pati, District Collector Coimbatore, for the inaugural event on August 16, 2023. Beyond nurturing athletic prowess, our program instills values of teamwork, discipline, and social skills, fostering a positive impact on their lives. This endeavor doesn’t just nurture future football stars; it empowers our youth to combat negative influences within their communities by channeling their energy into a constructive pursuit, thereby shaping a brighter future for themselves and society.

JULY, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that Walkaroo Foundation is embarking on an inspiring venture to establish a Football ground and a comprehensive training academy exclusively for the talented students of GHSS, Chettipalayam. The auspicious Bhoomi pooja, held on 12th July 2023, marked the beginning of this noble endeavour, seeking blessings for a smooth and successful completion of the project. The ceremony was graced by the esteemed presence of the community leaders, PTA president, distinguished guests from Walkaroo International, dedicated teachers, and enthusiastic students. Upon the project’s completion, Walkaroo Foundation is committed to providing specialized training to the selected students of GHSS, Chettipalayam, nurturing their talents in football and fostering an environment for maximum personal growth, both physically and mentally. Our vision is to offer these young minds an unparalleled opportunity to harness their potential and pave the way for a brighter future through sports.

JUNE, 2023

We are delighted to share that on June 15, 2023, a distinguished team from Walkaroo Foundation, comprising Mr. Gafoor, Director, Mr. Muralidharan, Welfare Officer, and Ms. Drishya, Legal Officer, had the privilege of visiting Drona Archery Academy in Palakkad. Drona Archery Academy provides comprehensive training in archery, harnessing the potential of Indian Bows, Recurve Bows, and Compound Bows. During this visit which marked an important milestone in our commitment to corporate social responsibility in the realm of sports, representatives from Walkaroo Foundation presented two Vanguard Spotting Scopes, serving as invaluable support to the academy’s endeavours. The equipment was received by Mr. Muneer, the esteemed President and Coach of the academy and Mr. Manoj, the Secretary. The students conveyed their heartfelt gratitude for this equipment, recognizing its potential to enhance their precision and accuracy in viewing and aiming at the target. This event left an indelible impact on both the Walkaroo Foundation team and the aspiring archers at Drona Archery Academy, further strengthening our shared dedication to nurturing sporting talent.


As part of creating and nurturing professional sportspersons by supporting aspiring athletes and academies providing training on Olympic Sports, Walkaroo Foundation Built and donated Volley Ball Practice Wall to Volley Friends Sports Center, Payambra, Kuruvattoor Panchayat, Calicut. The sports Center started in 2001, has helped unearth four national team players, six state team players and many others at the district level.


Walkaroo Foundation donated a Tacx Flux S Smart IN Home Trainer to Mr.Muhammed Rahoof, a Cycling champion from Ernakulam, Kerala. Rahoof has participated in several, district level cycling championships and has secured multiple awards.
NOVEMBER, 2021 - APRIL, 2024

Walkaroo Foundation is committed to promoting and supporting a wide range of sports initiatives, including rural sports, nationally recognized sports, Paralympic sports, and Olympic sports. As part of its mission to encourage sports, Walkaroo Foundation provides valuable financial assistance to organizations like Volley Friends Sports Centre in Payambra, Kozhikode. With the support of Walkaroo Foundation, Volley Friends Sports Centre can continue to thrive and provide opportunities for athletes to excel in their chosen sports. Walkaroo joins hands with Volley Friends Sports Centre in its journey to uplift and empower individuals through the power of sports.


Walkaroo Foundation donated a Sports Cycle to Mr.Muhammed Rahoof, a high school level Cycling champion from Ernakulam, Kerala. Rahoof has participated in several cycling championships at the district and state level and has won several awards at the district level.