Sthree Shakthikaranam

A woman with the ability to determine her own choices and has her own voice, is a strong woman, capable of making a positive impact in the society. Sthree Shakthikaranam initiative of Walkaroo Foundation focuses on helping women to realise their self-worth and to take a step for themselves in the society. Providing training on vocational skills to destitute and mentally ill women,setting up bag stitching centres, supporting NGOs and groups working for the well-being of women etc. are some of the women empowerment initiatives undertaken to improve the quality of life and promote the mental and physical health  of women belonging to marginalized sector of society.

Our Projects & Initiatives


Project “Uyarvu” of Walkaroo Foundation focuses on providing Vocational training to the destitute and mentally ill women of NGO Sharanalayam. Walkaroo Foundation has provided the infrastructure for setting up a stitching centre at the premises of Sharanalayam. Selected inmates are trained on screen printing and stitching cloth bags.